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We humans get immediately charged up with our snack break, physicians recommend having meals in small portions that keep you fueled up for the day. Then why keep our dearest one waiting for only the main course. Let’s make their wait more enjoyable and treat them with ‘Bones’. Dog bones are the secrets to having a healthy pet. According to vets and research, the bones eliminate the build-up of plaque and tartar and keep the teeth and gums healthy. As it is rich in Calcium and phosphorus, these bones are the best treats to make your puppy bones stronger. Robust bones are popular among all as these bones will make the teeth of your dogs stronger by giving them the required exercise to the jaws and a gentle massage to the gums while chewing. Various sizes of bones are available to allow you to pick the right size depending upon the age and size of your dog. It’s also recommended to use as treats for your dogs. The knots are a small little treat to keep your furry tail busy and the best source of protein. They are handcrafted and come in various sizes. You must choose the right-sized bones, and observe your furry tail; how they chew and ingest the bones by choosing our sample bones. Why delay, order one before they say!