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Are you tired of training your dog to keep their teeth off the table, chair, almirah, books, or your faviourate objects. Try dog chew: chewing is a natural dog behaviour. Canine species chewed prey as part of the natural behavior needed for survival. Furry tails still crave chewing objects to satisfy their natural urges. Know that your woof woof chews to relieve its stress and to occupy time. Pet lovers have exactly what your woof woof needs, digestible rawhide chews. It provides hours of enjoyment but must be supervised. A daily boost of nourishment for your buddy. These yummy dental treats are rich in curcumin. Our hand-cut and rolled Buffalo skin chews are soft on the teeth but still great for scraping tartar as well as keeping your buddy engrossed. Chewing materials are mainly recommended to improve oral health, Pet lovers produce a range of chewing material that is beneficial and reduces plaque and calculus. Our range contains: chew sticks, rawhide products, raw bone, dried ears, and horns.