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A Few Words About Us

Pet Lovers is a growing venture in the Pet Industry. Our belief is ‘to live best is to serve best’. We want to turn the unconditional love we have for our pets into convenient care. Besides our love and care, our pets also deserve a wholesome life with the physical nourishment of fresh, healthy, and delicious food and that is our mission.

Pet Lovers owns an in-house brand specially dedicated to producing and exporting raw food to feed your extended family member in the most natural way. We understand the warmth, love, and care this family member needs. Our products are specially prepared containing all the nutrients the furry being needs to grow.

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100% Natural Pet food by Pet Lovers, Pet Khurak

Healthy Treats & Meals For Your Furry Kids.

Benefits Of Feeding Natural Raw Food


A natural diet will improve your dog’s dental health since raw food and meaty bones to chew mean much less plaque and bacteria.


Putting your dog on a species-appropriate diet will lead to less arthritis and other problems caused by inflammation as he or she ages.


Through a species- appropriate diet, your dog will get the nutrients it requires which will help build stronger disease resistance.


On a natural diet your dog will no longer have irritable bowels, it will have small stools, and yes, they will stink less.

Our Products

Your pet’s nutrition is our passion. We understand your need to feed your fur-babies with a nutrient-filled diet that is also delicious. At Pet Lovers, we want to help you become better pet parents.

Discover a New World of Pet Care Health

There is no better way to love your pet than by giving them the gift of health, with a species-appropriate diet as nature intended and natural healthcare, we can help you to help your pet thrive!

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